Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just random musings.....

Went to a funeral today and during the service I kept wondering what kind of legacy will I leave?  Will I have impacted people's lives in a positive way?  Will I be described with kindness, not contempt?  I guess I better make a better effort!

After the funeral I was talking with some friends of the deceased, they must have been in their late 70's and they were describing how thankful they were for their lives, and their health.  They both admit having gone through tough times but they both concluded that every day they wake up is a good day.  I want to adopt that attitude.

We met with current owners of the ice cream shop over the weekend, and it went really, really well.  They weren't expecting us (their season doesn't end until next weekend) but they invited us in and gave us a full tour of the shop, answered all kinds of questions, gave us some ideas for expansion, and even gave us some recipes!  We'll meet again the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that's when will get done to the details and figures (although they did share some high level figures the other day).  Then assuming everything looks doable I'll finish the business plan and start begging banks for money.  We have a realtor coming this weekend to asses our house so we can start to put it on the market.  The shop that we're buying as an attached house so we would live there.  It's starting to feel real!

My therapist L has to go to a conference at the end of this week so she won't be available in person on Thursday and Friday.  Why does that bother me?  Like she's leaving me.  I know it's not true, but I still feel sad about it. 

However, on the flip-side I did cancel my first appointment with her on Monday.  Due to her going away I was scheduled to see her Monday and Wednesday this week.  But I decided as I just saw her Friday that I didn't really 'need' to see her on Monday.  That's never happened before, I ALWAYS jump at the chance to see her, but I was mostly ok with not going. 

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  1. Just catching up a bit (power outage in my state) ... I'm so glad to hear things are going so well with the ice cream shop (quite excited about my promised scoop too)! I can't remember if you mentioned it, but is it within your current area (where you live now)?

    I absolutely jump at the chance of extra sessions, but am far too disappointed if they don't turn out (so have stopped asking)! Glad you were okay without the session.