Friday, November 4, 2011

I haven't had a 'text banter' with L in a while, but we had one yesterday.  She's away at some conference (or so she says) so we don't get to meet for our normally scheduled Friday morning session.  Ok, I admit that I really like seeing her twice a week, I think we've accomplished so  much more, and the Friday sessions are usually the best.  Maybe not always the most productive, but I guess that's in the eye of the beholder! 

So when we were talking on Wednesday about her being gone for the rest of the week (can you say 'abandonement'??!!) she was trying to assure me that she was still available, and she's not leaving, and she'll be back.  In my most adult tone I told her that I'm convinced that she'll be dumping me soon and that she'll probably be moving to Iceland! 

So with that little background, here's our exchange from Wednesday night to Thursday:

Me:  Picked up a communication board at lunch.....and I heard a rumor that your conference was cancelled :).....can't blame a girl for trying

Me:  So how's Iceland?  Friday morning won't be the same.

Me:  Maybe I'll just go hang out in your parking lot.

L: Iceland is great but I will not be staying past Monday promise

Me:  You could have said it was horrible...would have made me feel better

L: Feel better beautiful day all is good

Me:  Dark and brooding.....not really, just putting out the catholic guilt

L:  Catholic guilt is a powerful thing use it well

Me:  It appears you're immune to it, need to find a backup plan

L:  Not necessary straight forward is the best communication for me

Me:  I guess that's my backup plan

I'm sure many therapist wouldn't be comfortable with texting, and I totally get that.  It certainly is wrought with potential pitfalls, and we've definitely had our issues, but when it works, it really works.  Just this brief exchange allowed me to continue feeling connected to L, and I'm just gonna try and enjoy that least for today, or this moment.


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're going to try and enjoy that - because you should. I quite enjoy a bit of sarcasm myself on occasion ... well on a totally consistent basis. Your bond seems to be strong, I'm glad you have that.

  2. It's nice you can text your therapist. I'm not sure my former therapist knew how to text. I'm glad you feel this connection with her while she's away.

  3. @Amanda, thanks for all your comments, it's much appreciated!!! You're working your way up to a free sundae!!!

    @LIAM, it's amazing how texting has been able to keep me connected with L.

  4. That is a wonderful perk to be able to text to your t. Blessings and thank you for your encouragement to me. Safe hugs.