Thursday, November 3, 2011

I sometimes wonder if I'm my own worse enemy.  Maybe I dwell too much in the land of 'everything is crap'.  To quote Monty Python maybe I should 'always look on the bright side of life'.  Does this blog keep me in therapy-emotional-hell?  Should I try and focus on good/funny things that happen in my life and write about that? 

L was telling me yesterday that as much as I want to be the dark-brooding type, I'm really not.  But I really, really want to be.  Who would I be if I'm not that person?  Maybe it's just all in my head.  Why would I not want to give that up?


  1. A post similar to this has been rolling around my head the last week or so (and my draft box). I have another blog that is 'happy' with everyday happenings and then my therapy blog, which focus' on things that are hard to describe to others outside of therapy. I am not the person I am on my therapy blog, well I suppose it's just a part of me.

    Perhaps this is just a part of you, just as each of us has parts. If you want to, write a post about something you enjoy or find happy in your life, outside of therapy. And go from there.

  2. Being dark and brooding can be overrated. Just found your blog and enjoying reading it. I can very much relate to your therapist feelings. Painful.