Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spoke too soon.  Yesterday was another day lost in thought, lost in depression.  I can seem to muster-up any feelings of joy.

We took our daughter to a large, kids-based, amusement park yesterday and I really had to force myself to stay present.  Normally that's the type of day I would totally enjoy, but instead I just wanted to crawl back into bed.

This is gonna be a long ride.


  1. Sorry to hear it. I wonder, as the feelings of depression are coinciding with not texting L - could it be grief for a loss? That's the classic definition of depression after all. If you get back into contact with her, will you come out of it?

    Just a thought. You don't have to be happy just because you're on holiday. OK to be sad. Take care

  2. Ellen, there probably is a lot of truth in what you've said. But for right now (and that could change at any second) I'm holding back on contacting her.
    I know I'm having a childish reaction, but for now that will have to do. Thanks

    And thanks JBR