Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So I send L a text this morning:

Me: It's weird to feel good....whodathunk?

And I don't mean the manicy-type good that I can feel at times, or the I'm-working-a-crowd good but just sort of normal good. Like last night I enjoyed simply helping my daughter with her homework and then we played Cooties and did a couple of puzzles. It was nice.  Although at the same time I was a little unsure of myself.

I guess my current ways of withdrawing into myself and living in my head are slowly becoming my 'old' ways.  I was thinking last night that although there's really no definitive line-in-the-sand for when change happens, it happens much more under-the-radar. 

L responds to my text:
  You're great to want to get there

To which I quickly reply with:
  Yea, I wasn't complaining.....and stop with the 'great'-stuff.

Hmmm, I guess I haven't completely changed.

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