Monday, October 17, 2011

Just shoot me now, or maybe I'll just simply die of embarrasment. 

Sent L this text today:

Ruminations since Friday:  whether or not to cancel tuesday am.  Too enmeshed?  Too dependent?  Time for a break? Sick of feeling like this.  Scared of the answer.  I know that this is all ramblings and shouldn't be texting it.

Wrote out the text but went back and forth on sending it.  Finally I did, but then texters-remorse set it....

Disregard that last text.  Sorry

It's out there now.  Guess I wanted it to be.  But man, what the hell was I thinking?


  1. Did she ever respond to that text?

    Sometimes having it out there (in the long run) makes it better - she now knows that something doesn't feel right for you.

    Embarrassment stinks! But you'll be okay.

  2. I hope you can go and talk it through with her. Better to have that difficult conversation sooner rather than deferring... I think... Either way, hang in there! And good luck solo parenting. And have fun with the ice cream people!

  3. Thanks ladies. She did respond, and in her usual supportive way. So why don't I feel better?