Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My T Made Me Get a Nose Ring!

Text exchange with L yesterday....

Me:  Just a rant, no need to rely, just another crappy day, and yesterday, well I guess father's day will always suck, wont it?  Can't stand to be with people, can't stand to be with myself. Ready to quit my job. Maybe run away to a nice warm climate and open up an ice cream bar.  Sorry for the downer, just frustrated with myself, my life right now.

L: We all have days like this let it out then get rid of it I believe you are doing all the right things to change your job situation but its certainly frustrating that its not happening quicker so dream about ice cream in warm weather and today's blue feelings won't last forever.  Quitting your job is not the answer.

Me:  Stop being so sensible! Gonna go get my nose pierced, maybe that will make me feel better.

L:  That would definitely help and also look cool

So naturally I took this as encouragement and a therapeutic recommendation.  A few hours later.....

Me:  You were right on both counts


  1. lol...certainly a unique therapeutic recommend...

  2. To be fair, I had been talking for a while about getting my nose pierced (just a small little stud, no loops!!). And I was having such a pity-party on Monday that I needed to do something that I would enjoy. And it really does look cool!!