Friday, January 20, 2012

I miss seeing L today.  Normally I see her on Friday mornings, but she had a conflict so we met yesterday instead.  It was a really good session, very positive and I felt very connected to her.  But this morning I was very aware that I was not going to see her today.  I had couple moments of 'Normally I'm siting in L's office at this time on Fridays....' Nothing overwhelming, but I was a bit surprised.

Unfortunately it's now early afternoon and I'm missing her, like a longing. Due to another scheduling conflict next week I'll see her Monday morning.  So it's not like I have to wait another week to connect with her, it's only a couple days.  But somehow I don't find any relief in knowing that.

I know I could text her, and she'd be great about it, but I still struggle with why? Technically I'm in a pretty good place, so why the longing, why the ache?


  1. The longing and ache, is likely because she is filling a void you have. It makes sense and I feel that way often, with Daisy. Next time, text her ... she absolutely supports it and I'm sure she'd understand.

  2. I just wish I understood about the void and what will it take for me to stop feeling the ache and longing.
    I did send her a text, and it's strange how just the act of rambling-on in a text and sending it to her helps me feel better.
    It's been almost two days sent I sent it and she hasn't responded, but the funny thing is it doesn't bother me (too much). Maybe this attachment-crap is healing a bit??!

  3. I think when you're "filled up", the longing will ease. But actually getting to that point? I don't know how or when! I'm glad you texted her, but am sorry she hasn't responded. I hope you have a good session (in a couple of hours)!