Monday, November 9, 2015

I sent L a text this morning

Me: How's your new job?
L: Good, paperwork is overwhelming but getting through it. How are you? Feeling more balanced I hope. Are you getting closer to be ready for a hike?
Me: I'm still a bit all over the place, but it's really good to hear from you. Talking with M and C is helping. C says it's grief and my reactions are 'normal'. Going for a hike, amongst other things is still on my list but given the weather maybe it will have to wait till spring.
L: understand but last week was in the 70's so if that's forecast again we would think about it.
Me: Last week was really good ice cream weather! Well if you find you're coming up to my neck of the woods let me know so we can figure it out.
L: Sounds like a plan

It felt good to connect with her. I was a little surprised that she brought up going for a hike, and maybe a little nervous. I don't want to push her away but I also don't want to rush something if I'm not ready.

I'm glad I broke the ice.

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