Monday, December 7, 2015

This is a little weird. I mean not totally crazy but i am trying to figure out how it sits with me.

At our last session, which was another good one, and I have to say I don't leave feeling so anxious as I would often with L...not that I'm comparing of course..but anyway. We were talking about my family and I was giving her history about each of them and how abuse, whether it be sexual or drug/alcohol had affected them.

Somehow we got to politics and I said who I was supporting for president, she then told me that she was supporting the same candidate. I let her know that our candidate would also be at the college in town on Saturday, she seemed very excited about that news. We then bantered for a few minutes about the other candidates. She then jokingly said that 'I can't talk politics' and we continued our more therapeutic conversation.

The next day the local campaign coordinator let me know that the candidate would be making a surprise appearance before his speech at the college campus. The coordinator knew I couldn't make the speech so he wanted to give me a heads up so maybe I could make the surprise location. Unfortunately I couldn't make either event, but I figured C would love to get a chance to meet the candidate, so I sent her is text:

Me: You didn't hear this from me, and we're not talking politics, but if you want to see Bernie and you can't get on to campus, I have it on good authority that he'll be at the town tree lighting between 4:30-5:00 today.

C: 😀

I was comfortable sending her the text, and her response. I didn't really think much of it other than wishing I could be there too, maybe run into C there so I could introduce her to my wife and child.

Later that day I get a text from C

C: Thank you
    And then she attached a pic of her and Bernie

That thru me for a little bit of a loop. I responded back later and told her I was jealous, which I wa, but just a little bit.

But I think what really thru me is now having a picture of her, that she sent.

Are we becoming too friendly? Is that ok?

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  1. LOL, somehow it doesn't seem that big a deal.

    At the end of the day, though, I think it's more important that you be clear on boundaries yourself.

    In other words, let's be honest-- you also don't really want to be buddies with your therapist. Once that happens, they can't be objective enough to offer good therapy and you may not be removed enough to even listen to their thoughts objectively either.

    So I think the ironic thing is that you probably don't really want that fantasy to come true either--but you're looking for the therapist, the "adult" to but the breaks on things.

    Now that you are an adult, however, you will ultimately be the one who needs to maintain strong boundaries. And then you'll be in control and I think much of the anxiety will fade.

    IMO, of course...