Monday, May 14, 2012

It's quiet here at the shop today, a little cold and rainy which tends to squelch folks desire for ice cream. But that's ok, I don't mind the quiet day. Business has been pretty good so I really can't complain. And when I'm not worried about finances, and overwhelmed by the changes going on, I really enjoy being at the shop. We've gotten tons of compliments, from the changes to the decor, to the service, to the awesome ice cream we serve. I knew I loved the ice cream, but it's so great to hear it from others. At home we finally have moved the last of our stuff into our new place. But we're still living in chaos and there are boxes piled high everywhere. Our new house is much smaller than our old house, and we just have way too much stuff. I'm hoping this forces us to live a much is simpler life. M is feeling much better. Her surgery went well but the recovery was horrible. She couldn't keep any food down for days. The doctors aren't sure if it was the anesthesia or the antibiotics or the pain meds that we're giving her problems. But happily she's doing much better. Although it's gonna take a while to get her synthroid levels correct. And she still has radiation at the end of this month to get through. I did see L last Friday. I was there for over 2 hours, and it went pretty well. I had so much to catch her up on, and I couldn't believe how the time flew. But even though it was really great to see her, I still left wanting more. Unfortunately we never had 'that' conversation, and the want has increased over the past few days. After reading a fellow bloggers recommended post this morning I was able to work up the courage to send a needy text, to which she quickly responded. Telling me how wonderful it was to see me last week and that she's still here and I can call or text as much as I like. She said she likes hearing from me. The texting did help, but only a bit. I still want to share more with her but right now I'm holding back, hoping it passes. Or that I can hold on until I see her on Friday.


  1. Congrats on the ice cream shop! I'd love to hear more details about the day-to-day stuff and how you're managing it all...very intriguing.

    How weird is it to go from a high-paced corporate environment (that was what your old job sounded like) to serving people ice cream?

  2. So much going on here - I'm glad you came back to fill us in. First off, I am SO glad that things are going well with the ice cream shop. I'm also very glad you were able to catch up with L - I'd die (in a good way) for 2 hours in one shot! I hope things continue to settle in your new home (and life) and that M is back to normal soon, also.

    Thinking of you (and that ice cream, I admit)!

  3. Just checking in ... you know, because being stalker-ish is my thing ;0)

    Hope you are well!

    1. Hey Amanda, thanks for stalking me! It's much appreciated. Things, as usual, are a bit all over the place. I've started to write an update a couple of times, but I never get to quite finish them.

      The shop is doing well, and hoping that it gets even better with the good weather.

      My partner M is in seclusion, recovering from her radiation treatment. Because she is radioactive, she can't be near anybody for 10 days.

      Things with L have been difficult. I've had some really abandonement-type reactions to the changes in my life lately. As usual she's being super supportive, which I don't always trust, which sends me into a tailspin.

      I'll try to finish one of my updates soon.

  4. I'm glad to see around these parts again, although am not thrilled to hear of things being a big challenging at the moment, for you. I hope M recovers well and is back on her feet (and around you and your daughter) soon. I hope you write/update soon, I'm interested in what else is going on for you on your side of the world.

    By the way, every time I think of going for ice cream, I think of your shop! We have a shop a bit from home that is super sweet and home-y. I imagine your shop would be similar!

    Take care of yourself and have an extra scoop for me :0)

  5. just checking in to say hi and see how you are doing. hope your partner is mending and the business is going well. take care, c.

    1. Thanks for asking OBD, things at the shop are going pretty well, we've had some really impressive days, but then there are days, like today, that are unexplainably slow. I have to figure out how to stop watching the numbers on a daily basis!
      My partner is doing better, although she still has some followup appointments.
      My moods are still a bit all over the place, but they seem to be slowly getting more stable....atleast for now.
      Thanks again for asking!!! I'll try to put out a post soon.

  6. I have eaten far too much ice cream in the last few days - you could have made millions off of me over the last week or so! Well, perhaps not millions, but definitely $20! Just thinking of you and wishing your shop was a bit closer to home ;0)

    Look forward to reading about what is going on in your world! Hope M continues to heal and become stronger.