Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Sure Where to Begin.....

I guess that says it all. 

I read a lot of blogs and I've written a journal for years so combining the two and creating a blog always seemed like the next logical step.  Let's hope I'm right, for my sake. 

Most of my journaling, actually 99% of my journaling has always been about my therapy.  I find therapy to be a little ( a lot) mystical, magical, confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, maddening..etc.  It causes it me to be preoccupied,  anxiety-ridden, angry, sad, lost...etc.  So, with all that, why do I go??  Good question, not so good of an answer though.  I've described it to my current therapist as a moth-to-a-flame mentality.  Like some sort of freak of nature I am drawn to it and would struggle with out it.  So the journaling, and maybe now the blogging is a way to put all my thoughts, and the occasional feelings out there so it's not roaming aimlessly in my brain.  Cause far be it from me to share it with people, anybody, including my own therapist.  All this is so crazy making, isn't it?

I guess that's enough for now


  1. Great that you have been journalling (I've always found that a helpful way of sorting through the mess of emotions that therapy leaves me with!) and I hope that blogging will also be a helpful tool for you.

  2. Thank you so much! It's a little strange knowing someone has read my 'thoughts'. But I guess that's the idea!